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Draft tube is used in which type of hydroelectric turbines – Power Generation MCQ#77

Draft tube is used in which type of hydroelectric turbines: Impulse Reaction Both of these None of these Correct answer: 2. Reaction More Electrical Engineering MCQ on Impulse and Reaction turbines: The correct statement about Impulse Turbine The Flow through the impulse turbine is controlled by Impulse turbines having diagonal jets is Impulse turbines having […]

Nuclear Power Plant MCQ


A Nuclear Power plant converts nuclear energy into electrical energy. Nuclear energy is unique when it comes to the quantity of fuel. In fact, a small quantity of nuclear fuel can generate huge amounts of electricity. Country with the highest uranium resources Country with the highest uranium resources: Australia Canada Namibia Niger Correct answer: 1. […]

Diesel Power Station MCQ


Electrical Engineering MCQ Questions on Diesel Power Plant. A diesel power station uses diesel engine as prime mover source. Diesel is converted into electrical energy. Diesel power stations are recommended in places such as hospitals, and remote areas where small supply is required and other power stations are far away and uneconomical. Which of the […]

Gas Power Plant MCQ


Gas power plant Electrical Engineering MCQ Questions with answers for Electrical Engineering exams, tests, job interviews, and papers. A Gas Power plant uses air as a working fluid. A gas turbine is used as the prime mover for generating electrical energy. For the same capacity which one of the following is smaller in size For […]

Steam Power Plant MCQ – Steam/Coal Power Plant


Steam Power Plant MCQ (multiple choice) Electrical Engineering MCQ Questions for EE exams, job interviews, and concept building. A steam power station produces electricity from the heat energy of coal combustion. The working principle of a steam power station is based on the Rankine cycle. Coal is pulverized to Coal is pulverized to: Reduce the […]