Diode MCQ [Questions with Answers]

The Diode is a two-terminal electrical component.

Diode MCQ

Forward biasing a diode ____________ current flow and causes depletion region to __________:

  1. Allows, Widen
  2. Allows, Narrow
  3. Stops, Widen
  4. Stops, Narrow

Correct answer: 2. Allows, Narrow

The small amount of current during reverse bias is due to:

  1. Majority charge carriers
  2. Minority charge carriers
  3. Both of these
  4. None of these

Correct answer: 2. Minority charge carriers

Usually the Voltage drop across Silicon diode is:

  1. 0.3 V
  2. 0.5 V
  3. 0.7 V
  4. 5.4 V

Correct answer: 3. 0.7 V

“The peak inverse voltage for each diode in a center-tapped full-wave rectifier is __ the peak output voltage
plus one diode drop:

  1. One time of the
  2. Twice
  3. Thrice
  4. Four times of

Correct answer: 2. Twice

The DMM will indicate ___________ for an open diode:

  1. 0
  2. 100
  3. 1000
  4. 0L

Correct answer: 4. 0L


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  1. Vladyslav Dubinin

    It appears the answer for one of the Diode MCQ is wrong

    The Voltage drop across Silicon diode is:

    0.3 V
    0.5 V
    0.7 V
    1.4 V
    Correct answer: 4. 1.4 V

    I believe the answer should be 0.7V. red LEDs may have voltage drop of 1.4V.

    1. Dear Vladyslav. You are right. There was mistake. Corrected now.

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