Control System MCQ

The control system is a set of the device which manages and directs the behavior of devices/systems to obtain the desired output.

Control System MCQ

Laplace transform transforms:

  1. Time domain to s domain
  2. s domain to time domain
  3. One time to other time domain
  4. One s to other s domain

Correct answer: 1. Time domain to s domain

Laplace transformer of e^-at

  1. 1/s-a
  2. 1/s
  3. 1/a
  4. 1/s+a

Correct answer: 4. 1/s+a

The type of transfer function denotes:

  1. Number of poles at origin
  2. Number of zeros at origin
  3. Number of poles at infinity
  4. Number of zeros at infinity

Correct answer: 1. Number of poles at origin

The position control is:

  1. Process control
  2. Fussy system
  3. Regulation control
  4. Servomechanism

Correct answer: 4. Servomechanism

The transient response of a system having feedback control:

  1. Increases with time
  2. Decays with time
  3. Remains constant with time
  4. First increases then decay

Correct answer: 2. Decays with time

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