Synchronous Generator MCQ [Questions with Answers]

A Synchronous Generator is an AC Generator that converts mechanical energy to AC Electrical Energy. The synchronous generator is found at power stations where it is synchronized with the turbine.

Given below are basic MCQ (with answers) on Synchronous Generator.

Synchronous Generator MCQ

Synchronous generator is also known as:

  1. Degenerator
  2. Alternator
  3. Decoupler
  4. Magnetostat

Correct answer: 2. Alternator

Rotor winding of alternator is also known as:

  1. Field winding
  2. Armature winding
  3. Protruding winding
  4. Nonsalient winding

Correct answer: 1. Field winding

A 4 pole, 50 Hz alternator will turn at:

  1. 1500 RPM
  2. 3000 RPM
  3. 6000 RPM
  4. 12000 RPM

Correct answer: 1. 1500 RPM

The type of alternator used in hydropower stations:

  1. Turbo
  2. Salient pole
  3. Non-salient
  4. Any of the above

Correct answer: 2. Salient pole

An under-excited alternator supplies:

  1. Leading VAR
  2. Lagging VAR
  3. Zero VAR
  4. Any of above

Correct answer: 1. Leading VAR

More MCQ on Synchronous Generator

  1. Alternator converts between which forms of energy
  2. For capacitive loads the voltage regulation of alternator is
  3. The alternator is an electromagnetic generator
  4. The power factor of an alternator depends on
  5. Voltage regulation of an alternator when connected to inductive load
  6. Voltage regulation of an alternator when connected to capacitive load
  7. Zero power factor method in alternator is used to determine which parameter

MCQ on Protection of Alternators

  1. Stator winding faults when not cleared in alternators
  2. Probability of fault occurrence on transmission lines is as compared to transformers and alternators
  3. Which of the following statement is correct WRT Turbo alternator overvoltage protection
  4. Alternator Inverted Running occurs due to which fault
  5. The most dangerous fault in the alternator is

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