Synchronous Motor MCQ [Questions with Answers]

The synchronous motor is a constant speed motor whose speed essentially remains constant from no load to full load condition.

Synchronous Motor MCQ

Load angle value of synchronous motor mainly depends on:

  1. Load
  2. Excitation
  3. Speed
  4. Voltage

Correct answer: 1. Load

The variation of dc exicitation causes variation in:

  1. Armature Current
  2. Speed
  3. Both of these
  4. None of these

Correct answer: 3. Both of these

A synchronous motor running at no load with P.F = 1. If the field current is increased, the power factor will become:

  1. Leading
  2. Lagging
  3. Remain same
  4. Zero

Correct answer: 1. Leading

Synchronous motors can operate at:

  1. Leading PF
  2. Lagging PF
  3. Unity PF
  4. All of these

Correct answer: 4. All of these

An under excited synchronous motor has PF:

  1. Leading
  2. Lagging
  3. Unity
  4. Zero

Correct answer: 2. Lagging

The synchronous capacitor is a/an:

  1. Underexcited synchronous motor
  2. Overexcited synchronous motor
  3. Combination of two series capacitors
  4. None of these

Correct answer: 2. Overexcited synchronous motor

The correct statement about speed of synchronous motor from no load to full load:

  1. It increases
  2. It decreases
  3. It has no effect
  4. It becomes zero at full load

Correct answer: 3. It has no effect

The method which can be used for starting synchronous motor:

  1. Using external prime mover
  2. Reducing the frequency
  3. Using damper windings
  4. All of these

Correct answer: 4. All of these

Torque produced by amortisseur windings:

  1. Speeds up slow machines
  2. Slows down fast machines
  3. Both of these
  4. None of these

Correct answer: 3. Both of these

With increases in excitation the stability of motor:

  1. Increases
  2. Decreases
  3. Remains same
  4. Any of above

Correct answer: 1. Increases

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