Power System Protection MCQ

Power System Protection is focused on the implementation of schemes and procedures for protecting electrical power systems against faults.

Power System Protection MCQ

The most dangerous fault:

  1. 3 phase fault
  2. Line to line fault
  3. Line to ground gault
  4. Double line to ground fault

Correct answer: 1. 3 phase fault

Heavy current fuses have wires that are _________ in diameter than smaller ones:

  1. Larger
  2. Smaller
  3. Same
  4. Any of above

Correct answer: 1. Larger

The pickup current of a relay having 125% current setting connected to 100/5 transformer is:

  1. 1 Amp
  2. 5 Amp
  3. 6.25 Amp
  4. 10 Amp

Correct answer: 3. 6.25 Amp

______________ signals circuit breaker in case of fault:

  1. Fuse
  2. Isolator
  3. CT
  4. Relay

Correct answer: 4. Relay

Bucholz relay is used for protection of:

  1. Busbar
  2. Transformer
  3. Alternator
  4. Motors

Correct answer: 2. Transformer

More MCQ on Power System Protection:

  1. Breaking capacity is the value
  2. Lubrication oil failure results in
  3. Which one of the following is classified as an electrical fault
  4. The most common cause of motor damage is
  5. Active fault refers to
  6. The term Passive faults in Power system refers to
  7. Incipient faults are best defined as faults that
  8. The more accurately the fault is detected by the protection system, the more is it
  9. The smaller the current a protection system detects, the more the is it
  10. Which type of fault has the highest probability of occurrence on the power system
  11. The Zero-sequence current can flow from a line to the transformer bank if the windings are in

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