Power System Protection MCQ Part 9

Power System Protection MCQ Part 9

Power System Protection

Arc resistance can be increased by:

  1. Splitting the arc
  2. Reducing its length
  3. Increasing its diameter
  4. Increasing concentration of ionized particles

Correct answer: 1. Splitting the arc

Inverse time-current relays are not used for protection of:

  1. Alternators
  2. Feeders
  3. Transformers
  4. All of above

Correct answer: 1. Alternators

Short circuit current limiting reactors may be connected to which of the following locations:

  1. In series with each generator
  2. In series with each feeder
  3. Bus-bars
  4. All of these

Correct answer: 4. All of these

The operator ‘a’ in symmetrical current theory when multiplied to a vector rotates the vector through:

  1. 0L
  2. 45L
  3. 90L
  4. 120L

Correct answer: 4. 120L

Reactance realay is normally employed for protection against:

  1. Earth fault
  2. Phase fault

Correct answer: 1. Earth fault

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