Power Generation MCQ [Questions with Answers]

Electrical power is generated from various kinds of power sources. Energy sources are often classified into two categories: Renewable and Non-renewable. Sun, wind, and water are some examples of renewable sources, while coal, nuclear energy, and gas are some examples of non-renewable resources.

The graphical representation of discharge vs time is known as:

  1. Load curve
  2. Monograph
  3. Hydrograph
  4. Hectograph

Correct answer: 3. Hydrograph

Water hammer effect occurs in which structure of a DAM:

  1. Penstock
  2. Surge tank
  3. Generator
  4. Transformer

Correct answer: 1. Penstock

The power plant which has minimum running cost:

  1. Thermal plant
  2. Hydro plant
  3. Coal power plant
  4. Nuclear power plant

Correct answer: 2. Hydro plant

Economiser is used for heating:

  1. Feedwater
  2. Steam
  3. Air
  4. All of these

Correct answer: 1. Feedwater

Which one of the following is not a renewable source:

  1. Sun
  2. Wind
  3. Hydro
  4. Uranium

Correct answer: 4. Uranium

Power Generation MCQ by Plants

  1. Diesel Power Station MCQ
  2. Nuclear Power Plant MCQ
  3. Hydroelectric Power Plant MCQ
  4. Steam Power Plant

More MCQ on Power Generation

  1. 1 kWh equals how many kcal
  2. Alternator converts between which forms of energy
  3. Because of the head created the water possess
  4. Coal is pulverized to
  5. Continent having highest installed capacity of hydropower
  6. Correct statement about cooling water used in condenser of steam power plant
  7. Draft tube is provided in hydropower plant to
  8. For water heads that are too low, the recommended turbine is
  9. Function of boiler in Steam power plant is to
  10. Hydrogen, when burnt, will produce
  11. In hydropower station, the graphical representation of discharge as function of time is known as
  12. Kaplan turbines are preferred for
  13. The average efficiency of coal power plants in globe is around
  14. The basic unit of energy is
  15. The Carnot cycle efficiency of Steam turbines fed from Supercritical boiler is high, low, or same as compare to subcritical boiler
  16. The Country with the largest coal reserves
  17. The correct statement about anthracite coal
  18. Supercritical boilers usually lack steam drums Statement and Logic MCQ
  19. The correct statement about reaction turbine
  20. The generation station which converts heat energy of coal combustion into electrical energy
  21. The superheater in a steam power plant is for
  22. The term PC plant indicates
  23. Usually, the maximum head for a single Pelton turbine is
  24. Water hammer effect is fought using
  25. Water hammer occurs in which part of dam
  26. Which of the following plants is capable of burning a much wider range of fuels
  27. Which one of following has highest calorific value
  28. Which one of the following is not a renewable
  29. Which of the following value indicate the amount of heat available from fuel

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