Steam Power Plant MCQ – Steam/Coal Power Plant

A steam power station produces electricity from the heat energy of coal combustion. The working principle of a steam power station is based on the Rankine cycle.

Steam Power Plant (Thermal Power Station) – MCQ

Coal is pulverized to:

  1. Reduce the pressure of feed water
  2. Decrease surface exposure
  3. Increase surface exposure
  4. None of these

Correct answer: 3. Increase surface exposure

Working of Steam power station is based on:

  1. Thomsan Cycle
  2. Rankine cycle
  3. Raphson method
  4. Thevenin law

Correct answer: 2. Rankine cycle

Overall efficiency of steam power station is:

  1. Less than 50%
  2. 50-60%
  3. 60-64%
  4. More than 64%

Correct answer: 1. Less than 50%

Economizer in steam power station:

  1. Heats feed water
  2. Generates flue gases
  3. Adds moisture
  4. Is used for burning coal

Correct answer: 1. Heats feed water

In steam power plant the net change in energy is:

  1. Zero
  2. Positive
  3. Negative
  4. Infinite

Correct answer: 1. Zero

More MCQ on Steam Power Plant

  1. A Steam Power Station has an annual load factor of 45%. If the maximum demand is 25000 kW, then units generated in annum are
  2. In a Steam Power Station find the calorific value of coal when 0.4 kg coal is burnt per kWh of generated electricity. The overall efficiency of a steam power plant is 28%
  3. Major heat losses in steam power station occur in which part
  4. The thermal efficiency of a Steam power plant is 33%, while electrical efficiency is 94%. The overall efficiency is
  5. The turbine and thermal efficiencies of a power plant are 92% and 68% respectively. The boiler efficiency is

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