ACSR Conductor MCQ | Power Transmission and Distribution MCQ

ACSR is the one of the most popular conductors employed in power transmission and distribution lines.

ACSR stands for:

  1. Aluminum conductor silver reinforced
  2. Alloy conductor silver reinforced
  3. Aluminum conductor steel reinforced
  4. Alloy conductor steel reinforced

Correct answer: 3. Aluminum conductor steel reinforced

26/7 ACSR has how many strands of Aluminum:

  1. 7
  2. 19
  3. 26
  4. 33

Correct answer: 3. 26

The correct statement about weight of ACSR and ACAR conductors:

  1. Both have equal weight
  2. ACSR is heavier than ACAR
  3. ACSR if lighter than ACAR

Correct answer: 2. ACSR is heavier than ACAR

More MCQ on ACSR conductors

  1. 72/7 ACSR means
  2. ACSR conductor having 7 steel strands and 52 aluminum strands will be represented by
  3. ACSR conductors have strands made of (inner/outer)
  4. Area of Dog ACSR conductor is 100/200/300/400 mm2

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