Electrical Earthing MCQ

In Electrical Engineering, earthing refers to the method of creating low impedance path to the ground. Generally, a rod (known as earth rod) is driven into the earth to which earth conductor is tied.

MCQ on Electrical Earthing

The earthing rod orientation in the pit should be:

  1. 45°
  2. Horizontal
  3. Vertical
  4. 75°

Correct answer: 3. Vertical

Ground resistance value for sensitive installations is:

  1. Less than 5 ohms
  2. 5 – 25 ohms
  3. 50 ohm
  4. 100 ohms

Correct answer: 1. Less than 5 ohms

Doubling the length of the ground electrode will cause resistance to:

  1. Increase by 10%
  2. Decrease by 10%
  3. Increase by 40%
  4. Decrease by 40%

Correct answer: 4. Decrease by 40%

The easiest method for earth resistance measurement:

  1. Fall of potential
  2. Selective measurement
  3. Stakeless measurement
  4. All are equally easy

Correct answer: 3. Stakeless measurement

Statement: Which one of the following is used in earth pit:

  1. Aluminum and Iron
  2. Graphite and Silver
  3. Graphite and magnesium
  4. Salt and charcoal

Correct answer: 4. Salt and charcoal

Explanation for above MCQ

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