Power Systems MCQ Quiz Part 1

Power Systems MCQ Quiz Part 1

ElectricalEngineering.com Power Systems Quiz 1

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If the percentage reactance of an element is 30% and the full-load current is 40 A, then short-circuit current will be:

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Effects of capacitance are neglected in:

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Buchholz relay is used for protection of:

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A sparse matrix is the one whose most elements are:

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At a load bus the quantities specified are:

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Which type of convergence takes place in Newton Raphson method:

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For a high head and low discharge hydropower plant which of the following turbines is recomended:


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MHO relay can be best defined as

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Find the power generated by a 100% efficient, hydroelectric power station having 5.0 m head and 1.0 m3/s flow rate. Assume water density to be 1000 kg/m3:

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The water hammer effect happens in which section of Hydro Power Station:

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