Rating of Fuse is Expressed in which unit

Rating of Fuse is Expressed in which unit:

  1. Volts
  2. Amperes
  3. Volt-amperes
  4. Ampere-hours

Correct answer: 2. Amperes

Explanation: The fuse is a short piece of metal that is inserted in the
circuit for protection purposes. It melts when excessive current flows
through it thus breaking the circuit. The fuse element always connects in series to the circuit whose protection is desired.

Fuse is rated in amperes and the current rating of fuse element is defined as the current which the fuse element can normally carry without overheating.

Under normal conditions the fuse element carries current, However, when a short-circuit or overload happens, the current through the fuse increases beyond its rated value thus ultimately leading to the melting of fuse wire.

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