Basic Electrical Engineering MCQ

Electrical Engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with generation, utilization, and operations of electric power as well as the electronic components that utilize this electricity. All these applications are based on some fundamental principles, rules, and laws. Given below are the Basic Electrical Engineering MCQ on the subject.

Basic Electrical Engineering MCQ

2 coulomb charge requires 5 J of energy to be moved from one point to other. The voltage between points is:

  1. 1 V
  2. 2.5 V
  3. 5 V
  4. 10 V

Correct answer: 2. 2.5 V

8 coulombs of charge will produce 3 Amps in how much time:

  1. 1 Amps
  2. 2.66 Amp
  3. 5 Amp
  4. 24 Amp

Correct answer: 2. 2.66 Amp

“Electric current is produced due to movement of positive charges from positive terminal of battery to negative” is referred as :

  1. Conventional Current
  2. Electron current
  3. Positive Current
  4. Terminal current

Correct answer: 1. Conventional Current

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Two voltage sources of 5 V and 3 V are connected in series. The total voltage is:

  1. 3 V
  2. 5 V
  3. 8 V
  4. 2.55 V

Correct answer: 3. 8 V

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  4. Total charge of 3.5E+34 electrons is
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  6. Which one of the following is used in earth pits
  7. Three resistors in parallel have an equivalent resistance of 3 ohms. If two of resistors have values 10 and 5 ohms, what is the resistance of the third resistor
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  11. The ohmmeter connects in Series or Parallel
  12. SI unit of conductance is
  13. The Correct Statement about Drift Velocity of Electrons
  14. Aluminum has what percent of the conductivity compared to copper
  15. Which one of following has high conductivity
  16. Correct form of Ohm’s Law is
  17. Two series resistors of 5 and 10 ohms are connected in parallel to two series resistors of 10 and 5 ohms. Find the current across R2
  18. If the number of turns of coil increase, the inductance will
  19. A Circuit Contains Three voltage sources of 10 V, 10 V, and 5 V in series. The overall voltage Vab is
  20. Power factor is unity for which type of load
  21. Which one of the following doesn’t use the heating effect of current
  22. Conventional Current Flow assumes that current is
  23. The resistance of positive temperature coefficient materials increases or decreases with increase in temperature
  24. Resistance of Copper Wire increases with
  25. A passive element in circuit is the one which
  26. The Diameter of an atom is about
  27. What is An Active Element in circuits

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